Love Economics provides a model that can be used to predict and understand why people fall in love, stay in love, and fall out of love. This section explains the variables of the Model, love’s benefits and costs. This section also gives numerous examples of tactics to influence these variables. These examples will reinforce concepts to aid you in recognizing and influencing the variables of love. You can use the knowledge to influence people to love you, to prevent you from falling for the wrong person, to make love last, or to help you fall out of love.

Rules Of Attraction

This section explains all the qualities and forces that make people attractive. It breaks down attraction into to four main variables: qualities to fulfill needs of others, confidence to fulfill needs of others,lowering love costs of others, and situation forces. All attractive traits can be derived from these primary variables.

After learning the Love Economics, learn to understand and speak the language of love by studying a list of translations from English to Love Economics.

Advice Knowledgebase

Using the Love Economic Model, you can create strategies to make others fall in love with you, to prevent yourself from falling for someone, to make love last, to escape bad love, and even to ease the pain of a breakup. Also, you can use the Model to love or be loved by your friends, co-workers, bosses, clients, teammates, friends, and relatives. In other words, the Model can be used in any type of relationship with simple modifications.


Love Advice – explaining the principles of love by looking at each variables of Love Economics and their corresponding insights and predictions.

Relationship Advice – breaking down the problems of a relationship in terms of the variable of Love Economics to how you can influence each variables solve them.

Break Up Advice – by analyzing the break up risk and break up cost variables from Love Economics, all break up problems can be analyzed and solved.

Note Before Hand :

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