In the Near Future, Dating Will Be Solved.
Finding Your Soulmate and Love Will Be a Lot Easier.

We have found the solution to solve dating once and for all.

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In order to launch our dating service , we need to reach critical mass.
The more supporters we have, the faster we will attract nation-wide media coverage. Just enter your email address here and we’ll send you an e-mail each month to keep you updated on our campaign.

Here are the guidelines to solve dating. Many powerful companies and people will want to prevent the solution from becoming a reality. Because of the solution’s potential disruptive ability to damage other dating solutions and various industries, the full details of the solution are kept secret until critical membership numbers are reached.

1.  Service is Free or Extremely Cheap
Service is free so critical mass can be reached faster than online dating services. Members will not pay $25 a month or $150 a year when there is only 3 matches living near them. Cost of service has to be minimal and someone or some company has to absorb the cost initially.You Can also Watch Movie Omi movie . At Membership retention is good and membership numbers have to be honest. Because of the lack of revenue, the solution will not be funded by venture capitalists or publicly traded companies.

2.  Technology Has To Be Scalable and Fast.
Scalable means that the solution has to be strong and flexible enough to support tens of millions of users. The solution can not be database driven otherwise millions of dollars will be needed to buy central servers. It has to be more than a peer-2-peer network because the search speed throughout the network would be too slow. Also, someone or some company must absorb the software development costs of the solution.

3.  Membership Acquisition Cost Is Nothing.
The solution does not require television commercials or millions of dollars of pokerace99s.com  in advertisement to attract members. It has to be so good that it will spread through word-of- mouth.

4.  Attraction Needs To Be Accurately Judged.
Physical appearance can be judged accurately. Profiles need to be more detailed to give those who are not physically attractive a chance to be attractive.

5.  Research Cost is Low
Because members have to meet in person, members have to be more honest. The solution gives members the ability to go on many economical and efficient dates to increase their odds of finding soulmates.

6.  Ability to Mimic Natural Social Interactions
The solution has to be very close to how people normally meet their soulmates at Agen Sbobet Casino . In other words, there can be no speed dating, rapid dating, or other deviations. Because the solution mimics natural methods of how people meet, social acceptance and membership will be larger.

7.  Must Be More Than a Dating Service
To build the largest membership base, the solution can not be exclusively used for dating. A large percentage of people may feel embarrassed to use a dating service. The solution must provide a total solution for all social networking functions. This way, everyone will have a good excuse to be part of it.




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