Current Dating Services
There are various methods singles use to find their soulmates. These existing dating services have failed more than 96% of the population in helping people find their soulmates. Each has their unique financial costs and weaknesses. Presented in this section is our analysis of current dating services and reasons why none of them have yet to solve dating.
Dating Advice
Human dating behavior is very predictable and dating problems can be avoided or solved. Using the theory of Love Economics, dating problems can be analyzed and solved by influencing the variables of this love model. Once you know how to influence these variables, you will be able to give yourself and others dating advice.
 Dating Tips
A compilation of insights and predictions about people and their behavior in dating. These tips will also help you understands you own behavior and help you create strategies to help you dating intelligently and efficiently.
 Dating References
Our theory of dating came about from a compilation of knowledge from thousands of abstracts and hundreds of research articles from Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychiatry research journals. Information from all leading books on love, relationships, and marriage were also used.
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